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You Gotta Go There To Come Back! 08.10.2007
Rancid Yak Butter & Altitude Makes Me Cynical. 03.10.2007
Leeches, Mud and Thin Mountain Air 18.09.2007
Life on the Ganga 07.09.2007
Welcome to the largest democracy in the World. 01.09.2007
The begining of the end if I wasn't already in the middle! 25.08.2007
They are called Go Forwards because they don't go backwards! 15.07.2007
Kidnapped in the Axis of Evil 14.07.2007
Tbilisi My Prison 01.07.2007
İt´s not all beaches, cocktails and topless foriegn ho 10.06.2007
Albanian Economics 101, the “I have You By the Balls” theory 29.05.2007
Topless At The Top. 25.05.2007
Hospitality Plus....... 24.05.2007
The Road To Sarajevo 23.05.2007
Living the sweet life, in small town Italy 21.05.2007
Island Life In Croatia 18.05.2007
A "Night Out" In Ljubljana. 18.05.2007
The home of the Pope to the home of the Mafia 18.05.2007
La Dolce Vita 13.05.2007
Nice is Nice 04.05.2007
Out Of Africa But Not Out Of Trouble 01.05.2007
Out Of Africa 21.04.2007
This is Africa..... A reoccurring Theme 13.04.2007
This is Africa 05.04.2007
Portugal 05.04.2007
Watch out for Pick Pockets 27.03.2007
Storming the coast of France 24.03.2007
The Emerald Isle 19.03.2007
Two Years In Two Boxes 14.03.2007
Haere Mai - Welcome 09.03.2007