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So here's the plan

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Adventures are funny things you spend all your spare time planning them, dreaming and longing to be on one. Then when you are actually on one you wish you where anywhere else.

So here is my adventure, 31 countries, 8 months, 1 goal. To travel from Dublin to Sydney by any means but flying. Quite simple really enjoy a quiet Guinness at St James gate then travel South East by boat, bus, train, foot, donkey, camel, rikhaw until I can see the white curves of the Sydney opera house.

The stand response to "Oh yeah I just going traveling for a while." is
"Oh cool where are you going?" As I explain the eyes open and then come one of these three responses;

- A bemused "Yeah good luck with that??"
- "You'll be KILLED!"
- Or my personal Favorite "You Kiwi's are all f@#ken mad!"

So I invite you come along on an armchair adventure and share my experiences, highs and lows and of course the misadventures as I take the long way home.

Posted by djrkidd 14:53 Archived in United Kingdom

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Hey Dave,
I'm looking forward to reading about it! Sounds like a great adventure.

by dr.pepper

Loved the slide show, that's my boy, most photos with a can or a bottle, or being an opossum in a bus. Good times Mum

by Trish Kidd

David, your bloody mad.

by Cpt Kate

But that's why we love you!! Best of luck, you should try a camel too, they are really comfortable to ride on long distances.

by Cpt Kate

Yes Mum I live in London it would seem the only time we take photos in after a few beers, no Dad I am luck enough to have the Kidd stomache and not go under to sea sickness even after a dozen and a half Guinness, Gary however had the luck of the Irish with him and was on the plane home. Captain Kate mama... it is 18299km from Dublin to Hamilton I hope I can find a fit camel. However I am sure there will not be a sortage for most of my journey. However you have set yourself up for an email everytime I see on along the way hehe... mama

by djrkidd

You kiwis are all alike - always out for a good time - I suppose you are walking so you don't have to watch us beat you in the cricket world cup, the Anzac Day league test and the Bledisloe cup? [Not to mention the Super 14s - I said not to mention the Super 13s - bloody useless Waratahs] - have a good trip. We should set up a "book" on how many shoes you will wear out. [This is ny first attempt at blogging], Uncle Duncan

by Uncle Dunc

Hi Duncan, I tell you one thing I won't miss out on is you buying me a beer when I get to Sydney. You better get practicing that Aussie Haka.

by djrkidd

Just to let you know that someone is keeping tabs on you. I have put the Bondi Blonde on ice until you get here [no, no, no David, Bondi Blonde is a type of beer. I am training the local kangaroos, who at the moment are pooping on my front deck most nights, to do the Aussie haka in readiness for when you get here. Being Aussi kangaroos they are pretty bright and they will have it down pat by that time.

by Uncle Dunc

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